I think we can officially welcome the winter season. Feel it yet? It is sort of like my fave, the layers, the creativeness come out this season. So in preparation of our style series I thought I’d post my winter faves AKA essentials for 2018. More like a surviving guide, if you are in Johannesburg you’ll totally back me up. These items are my top 5 winter faves in my wardrobe currently.

Let’s break down my top 5:


Top of the list is my collection of faux fur jackets. Like how is your life without one? I’ll wait…

Faux furs make any outfit pop, and trust me you will always need one. Luckily the main fashion designers like Giorgio Armani and others have declared they will no longer be using real fur, a definite yyaaay cos I do not want to bruise my bank account to look stylishly warm.


Second on the list is the faux leather pants. Ok these are amazingly warm, of course depending on the make and brand. Mine are embarrassingly old guys, like 6 years old. Yuuup I’m also surprised. They are perfect for a night out or a Saturday afternoon activity.


The mid-calf boots are a win. This trend has done an unexpected capture in the fashion world. Ok yes they have been around for more than a year but 2018 is their year. They come in all capsule colours and I’m yet to own the daring red, yaaassss colour is everything.


Printed tees. Mine is written FOCUS ON ME (need I say more, right?)

Ok this is a layering item every woman should have, if you don’t have one don’t panic. Get from your men ladies. I shop these from the men’s sections because they make such a cool baggy fit. Ok I’ll admit that everything boyfriend is a must, so gentlemen please can we peep into your wardrobes for that one statement piece. Thanks in advance.


Beanie hats. Got to keep our domes from the cold, right? This is another trend has done a fast comeback since around 2011. I always thought beanie hats were for tomboys, but hold up this is 2018, beanies are super trendy. Wear them with anything and I mean anything. From jeans to dresses to power suits.

So that’s my top 5. Accessorize these right and you’ll be the envy of the town, true story. Stay warm don’t let the cold catch you unstylish.


If it’s not in the list, ya’ll know by now it was bought from the streets.

Faux fur: www.iam.co.za

Faux leather pants: Woolworths (these are old as already mentioned)

Mid-calf boots: www.zando.co.za

Beanie hat: www.zando.co.za

Wrap around dress/kimono: www.iam.co.za


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