Since 2017 is coming to an end, I thought I could break down the hottest trends that were featured this year. And the not so hot anymore.

2017 has been a fun year for fashion trends, we have seen a lot of them surfacing, some we loved and some we didn’t quite love. Nonetheless it’s always great to be in the know about these things so we can know what exactly we are buying for the season. And keep a step ahead.

OK!!! Let’s count  down what’s a keeper and what’s a loss.

IN: Wide legged pants

We have seen this trend coming in slowly and we love it. It seems in 2018 we are going to enjoy more of these. Alongside wide legged jeans aka bell bottoms. It’s a classic look coming back to remind us that it has always been hot. Seems like skinny jeans will be a thing of the past.

IN: Platform Sneakers

And not your clean look kind of sneakers, 2017 has brought the chunky, Embroidered trends. Fenty Puma showed us what we will be rocking in 2018.

The Vans also exploded this year. We will be switching high heels for these ones.

IN: Boob tubes

Ok yall know boob tubes are sexy and easy to rock with either jeans, skirts or formal pants. ANYTHING. This trend has reigned all year and still seem to be crossing over to 2018 gracefully.

IN: Mule Shoes

These shoes have been so big in 2017. They are the cutest thing to rock. It makes it impossible to be in a bad mood when rocking these. True story!!! We have all kinds of mules, from block heel to flat to satin and velvet etc. and I think we will see more of these in 2018. Can’t wait!!!

IN: Oversized t’s and jerseys

Oversized t’s are so versatile, you can wear them as a dress. You can wear them over your favourite jeans or you can wear them with a high waist pants for a clean look. What more do we need? They definitely crossing over alongside our boyfriends jerseys, cos they make an outfit cool and street.

IN: Denim skirts

Denim has never left us but the skirts have surfaced in the past year with a fresh street look. They look better when you cut out your old jeans because it gives it that fresh look that we go for.

IN: Small boxed hand bags

I mean who needs a clutch bag? Yall have seen these cute little box bags. Gone are those days where we hung bags over our shoulders. These bags are my most favourite. Cute enough to rock with any outfit and any occasion. Gucci made these bags famous and now we seen them everywhere and they definitely sticking around.

IN: Hoop Earings

Isn’t this one obvious? Of course another classic. But we have never seen hoops exploding the way they did in 2017, its all we wear. I have never been a fan of big hoops but this year they won me over. I have a feeling we will be going even bigger in the next year… because go big or go home, right?

IN: Nude lips

What’s your shade? Yes, we have been rocking colorful lips for a very long time now and the nude lipstick has shown us flames in 2017. If you don’t have different shades of nude lipstick, please go get it. Nude lips go with everything, whether you got green eye shadow or black, nude always win so why not take it with us to 2018?

IN: Multi faux fur coats

Look here, 2018 winter is going to be lit. They brighten up our winter outlook. Something different from your traditional black coat and a definite cheer up when the chills sneak up. These turn heads on the streets and who doesn’t want that. First time I laid my eyes on these jackets was on the TV hit series EMPIRE, One of the singers had a yellow and red faux fur and I started seeing it a lot on TV, Nicki Minaj had one on in her music video NO FRAUDS. So I started looking for it and found a few at my favourite boutique.  Bye bye to the all-white fur jacket we have grown to love.

OUT: Chokers

First up is my worst enemy, I’ve had enough of this trend from way back and I’m glad its season is over. We all went in hard on this one. And there’s No bad blood, in fact chokers have had a good run for years now and it’s just time to move on. Alternatively you can wear big statement earrings.

OUT: Maxi Dress

Midi lengths are an alternative this coming year. They are so easy to dress in winter, you can pair them with high knee boots. Oversized knits with midi lengths are a perfect match.

OUT: Bomber Jackets

Another big loss, bomber jackets served a long run, I have personally been rocking my bomber jackets since 2014. And honestly I haven’t won any in 2017, so that feeling of it coming out of season was there. Another alternative for my long standing favourite is a trench coat or oversized blazer/jackets.

OUT: Off the shoulder

Oh yes, I remember these…. Gosh I wasn’t crazy over them but I did own a pair that I wore twice and gave it a rest, so soon, I know. It just didn’t quite do it for me, as much as they flatter the neck and shoulders, the time has come.

OUT: Corsets

Corsets and belts like corsets look like they are on the way out. Kylie Jenner gave this a kiss of death last year. I love these corsets belts over a t-shirt dress because they give the body an hour glass shape. I am definitely still a fan of corsets belts but they will not be trending much in the New Year, thanks


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