Bring on the glam!

I absolutely love jumpsuits, they’re so simple and easy to just slip on and go.

I love glam, I live for it and this jumpsuit gives me that glam feel. So I brought it.

Jumpsuits are in this season, as they have always have been, amongst Flowy dresses and skirts. Fun playful pants and oversized t shirts have been trending.

The list is long but I’m trying to demonstrate one thing at a time which is jumpsuits right now. So I dressed up this elegant jumpsuit, trick: you can close the boob area but I decided to show off a little skin, another trick: double sided tape for the tits, hehehe.

The waist of the jumpsuit has an adjustable string, I like to make it as tight as possible to give it a shape. Jumpsuits aren’t too much versatile especially this one, they come as they are.

Some you could be able to wear them with t-shirts and play around them. I love cute colorful bags with this look.

Thanks to The Immigrant coffee shop for letting us enjoy the architecture of this location.


Photography: Pisces experience


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