This goes out to the girl on a budget…

Times can be hard and we all want to look like the girl on the cover of a fashion magazine but our budget doesn’t always allow us. I always preach that YOU CANNOT BUY STYLE – YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE RICH TO LOOK STYLISH. So let me show you how you can look rich with a minimum budget. Shout out to Mr. Price.

So, first thing you need to know about tulle skirt is that they very fun to style because they so versatile. Secondly this particular tulle skirt is such a great colour. (Yellow is my favorite) it’s so easy to play with, you can dress them up and you can dress the down. I thought it would be great to show off different ways you can style this.

So I categorized these outfits into 3. I am sure you can find your favourite, whether you are going to work, whether you are going to a date or whether you are going to a casual lunch.

It fits into any girl’s schedule. You can definitely create more than 3 outfits.

First Outfit

First outfit is a yellow on yellow or rather a mustard on yellow plus a nude colour, it’s an easy choice because nude goes with everything and the yellow on yellow is super easy also, monochrome style. I like to keep my accessories as minimum as possible but that’s just me, Gold accessories work best with the colours so I put on my gold hoops on.

If you like you can throw in a small bag, black, beige if you don’t want to be too monochrome with another yellow/mustard bag but honestly the mono colours are great.

This is the perfect outfit for a dinner date, don’t you think

Second Outfit

Second outfit is more of a matured, grown up, elegant look with a touch of fun, the corset belt gives me a shape because the t shirt is baggy. It would be an injustice to just wear the t shirt as it is, I imagine it eeerrrrr. So the corset gives me that “I am a sophisticated woman” look. This look definitely says “I got this”.

It’s perfect for a day at the office, swop the pencil skirt and power suit with a tulle skirt. The white and black colours are just perfect. Silver accessories work well with the colours here.

Do yall recognize my Khloe Kardashian inspired hoop earrings though? The bigger the better J throw in a black or silver bag here.

Third Outfit

Third outfit is for the ladies who are tired of high heels. Imagine going to your girlfriends store launch then realizing the girls want to go to a pub later to play pool? Unacceptable right? Well anyway have i got sneakers in the car? Of course if do so i switched up. Heels off, sneakers on. Luckily I am a lady who is obsessed with platform sneaks

So my gold studded platform sneakers saved the night, gold and yellow.

Honestly each outfit is R500 and less excl the shoes and accessories. Let’s shop on a budget!!

TIPS: If you have a denim shirt or any other shirt like white or beige , you can throw it on with the skirt, tucked in or over the skirt with a little belt. Careful not to wear this skirt with prints or any other multi colour items. Lots of accessories or none at all, it works either way. Flat sandals if you going to a casual lunch will look cool in this. I would love to style this in winter and show some layers, cannot wait.

So what’s your favourite? Which girl are you? 1? 2? Or 3?


Tulle skirt:  Mr. Price

White t shirt: H&M

Black boob cube: Mr. Price

Corset belt: I am woman

Sneakers: Steve Madden

Heels: Zoom footwear


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