Personally, my skin texture goes through phases as the seasons change and right now I am experiencing dry skin. So I have been using the African extract Rooibos advantage daily repair facial oil. It has been amazing on my skin. Firstly the African extract beauty products are manufactured at a sophisticated plant in Cape Town.
Cape Town, You Beauty!! So I took some time out from the Johannesburg jungle and decided to visit the Cape form some inspiration. I missed the food, the people, and of course the fashion. I missed the colorful streets. You know the famous long street, the cozy Kloof street and the arty Woodstock. I haven’t
Bold colours for president! No more black, no more brown, no more dull colours. Okay black is easily one of my favorite colours but I think I will put it aside for now. Yes darling! This jacket is everything. You have to agree it adds glamour in any outfit. So as I was taking some
Bring on the glam! I absolutely love jumpsuits, they're so simple and easy to just slip on and go. I love glam, I live for it and this jumpsuit gives me that glam feel. So I brought it. Jumpsuits are in this season, as they have always have been, amongst Flowy dresses and skirts. Fun
We have all been waiting. Spring has sprung!!! A beautiful morning in the heart of Johannesburg, sipping some Rooibos at one of my favorite coffee shop (I can’t have coffee – sad face). And I am so excited to see great, bold colours. One thing I am certain about is that we all going to