Love and Fashion!! Inspiration of the month is none other than my dear friends’ @kaaydusty  and @zama_diyelela. These 2 give most of us such relationship goals, but mostly it’s their style that has me writing about them. I have asked to understand what inspires this pair, their favorite items and why, and why they always
I’m not a trendy person. Trends exhaust me because you have to keep up with all of them. Not to say I don’t wear trendy stuff that I find cute at the time or whatever but what I’m saying is that I like to keep up with my own style than to look trendy. Discover
A lot of us are really scared to cut our hair, we are so attached to our hair. But every once in a while I like to try something new, I get an itch for a challenge, it’s terrible. So since wigs became “fashionable” I decided to play a little with my hair. I cut