This goes out to the girl on a budget… Times can be hard and we all want to look like the girl on the cover of a fashion magazine but our budget doesn’t always allow us. I always preach that YOU CANNOT BUY STYLE - YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE RICH TO LOOK STYLISH.
New Year does have a thing to bring out the optimist in us, but does New Year really mean new things? Why is it that we all crave for new things in the New Year? And does it necessarily bring these new changes we talk about? What do I think of these positive vibes? I
Since 2017 is coming to an end, I thought I could break down the hottest trends that were featured this year. And the not so hot anymore. 2017 has been a fun year for fashion trends, we have seen a lot of them surfacing, some we loved and some we didn’t quite love. Nonetheless it’s
OK, if you happen to hang out with me then you know that I literally cannot survive without these 5 essentials. The holiday season is the busiest and we will need to take extra care of our skins. And these products will not damage your pocket and they are as efficient. Johnson’s facial cleansing wipes.
OMG its two of my fashion loves: Denim x Pleather (aka faux leather) So I was unpacking my wardrobe and found items that I haven’t worn in the longest time, well mostly because i normally leave leather items for the cold days. But then I thought ‘why limit myself’. Don’t you ever limit yourself? Because