Outfit 3… Anyone who truly knows me also knows how obsessed I am with retro. Guys my mom always says I was born in the wrong era, LOL. She and her sister aka my aunt are so tired of me always scratching in their wardrobes, it’s my new habitat. By the way these 2 women
A very special day to me but mostly to my beautiful parents. I always say that Birthdays and new years are times to reflect (I have gone way past the stage of throwing parties on my birthday). Today I turn eerrmmm *coughs* what does it matter? I am as old as I feel. Ok so
Outfit 2… RED ON RED… word. And no it is not Valentine’s Day! I just had a realization that almost if not all my pants are gifts from my friends and family. I don’t know if yall have noticed but I’m not really crazy about jeans. I can go for a month without wearing jeans
Challenge accepted!!! I took my formal pants to the streets to test out the ridiculous theory that work pants don’t look cool on the streets, like eerrr who came up with that? Here’s a thing, all my friends are in the 9-5 space and most of them come to me for help in the wardrobe
I did tell you guys I was on a workation, right? Yup that is a word. So why would I leave Cape Town without going to picnic at the beach? And what’s a picnic without some bubbles? A bikini shoot is mostly about having fun but it hit me during the shoot that rocking a