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Anyone who truly knows me also knows how obsessed I am with retro. Guys my mom always says I was born in the wrong era, LOL. She and her sister aka my aunt are so tired of me always scratching in their wardrobes, it’s my new habitat. By the way these 2 women are super stylish, I call my mom the Kim Kardashian of the family. She got those blazers with shoulder puffs, checked dresses and leather purses (it’s like a candy store for me)

The 60/70’s look is hands down my fave of all time when it comes to fashion. Where the women were expressive and daring. Literally these items dominate my wardrobe and everyday look, that casual chic look is a win all day every day. I guess I like the anti-conformist term for it because according to popular designers in that era, there was a huge growth of Women’s rights and many changes were embraced. That is why the likes of Solange and SZA are seen as fashion icons that represents feminism and as we call it the WOKE generation. The whole look here is inspired by the old school. Beige pants are popular in the office. And I combined a touch of retro checked shirt for an easy switch up.

I love these pants for the flexibility. I felt like making them a ¾ and show off some skin. They are a normal length but I felt like altering them a bit before I wore them, yea I do that a lot. I found this beautiful black purse in my aunt’s wardrobe (see I wasn’t lying about my aunts fashion sense). I almost opted for a beige shoe but I felt there would be too much beige. So I opted for an easy black, you can agree that the details of the bag plus the shirt make a great combination.

Although the colour beige goes with everything you got to be careful of what you mix it with, e.g. if I wore a white top I would pull off the beige shoes so it all depends on the outcome of the entire outfit. So a little bit of planning is essential when choosing your outfits. I am not one to accessorize a lot, I always put on one accessory per outfit (which isn’t cool, I’m learning to accessorize more). By the way I thought I should mention that these pants are 7 years old, only because I want to brag that they still fit me yaaasss. If you are a lover of layers you can go double shirts on this outfit, its freezing in Cape Town and it’s supposed to be autumn but I call this season a pre-winter season, autumn for who? ppsss. So layers on top of layers are super cool.


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