Outfit 2…

RED ON RED… word.

And no it is not Valentine’s Day!

I just had a realization that almost if not all my pants are gifts from my friends and family. I don’t know if yall have noticed but I’m not really crazy about jeans. I can go for a month without wearing jeans and as a matter of fact I don’t own so many pairs. So pants dominate in my wardrobe as you can imagine.

Another realization is that I hardly wear red and it’s most probably because when i was in varsity (many many years ago LOL) I was obsessed with red, I literally cringe every time I think about it. I was known for wearing red, man I had all sorts of shades. So I guess as I grew older I became more relaxed in my style and evolved even though I still do appreciate bold colours I just prefer calmer colours. But not today fam. Today I decided to take it back and bring it all the way back at the same damn time.

These were given to me by a friend because what kind of friends don’t give other friends clothes? And they are a bit more casual business so it makes it easy to style them for all occasions.

TIP: the most important part of this outfit is the accessories. Red requires a minimum amount of accessories and it’s really easy to wear as long as you got your accessories planned out.

I obviously went for the easy one: the beret (can I insert a heart emoji here?) I seriously love the popular trend of berets. And I thought I would not, because I am me (hides). But seriously these pants don’t need too much, look at them.

The color Red has always dominated in fashion and when it comes to making a statement, it’s not simply the colour of choice for statement pieces. Red is the bold lipstick, the sole of a designer shoe in different shades from wine to cherry to ruby. And speaking of shades of red, I almost wore an all red and then decided a white Tee would give me that relaxed look for a day out in the town chasing late lattes and cappuccinos.

So today I thought lets add some colour and go RED. Go BOLD. This outfit is for the fierce girl. The girl that loves fashion trends.

From head to toe this outfit is just trendy. Red is a perfect colour for a loud personality. And definitely put these pants in the fashion map. This outfit is the kind that makes one excited to leave the office and take off that white shirt and kitten heels. I added white for some subtle because I am me. But you are you so you can totally pull off the red to red. I have mentioned in one of my previous posts that wide legged pants are a must have, if you don’t have them what are you doing with your life?

I love the platform sandal to give the pants the perfect shape. Oh and the important accessory here is the beret, I went through my aunts wardrobe (like I do every week for inspiration because vintage is life) and I found a stack of berets, yeeeey. Among the stack was the famous red beret, double yeeeey. By the way she said I can keep it.


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