Happy birthday to us. We have just turned one year!!!

Yup I can’t believe it either. They say time flies when you are blogging and oh boy, are they right.

Ok, today we doing 3 things on this article:

  1. A little background and Details behind this blog.
  2. A launch of a new social platform. We are on YouTube. Finally!!!
  3. And a style series (of course I had to do what we famous for)

Disclaimer: throughout this article you will find me highlighting what may seem like random words but these words mean a lot to me. A year ago I decided to publish this blog. I had no idea what I was doing. The style Inc was born because I wanted to inspire other women, women like myself, to style their clothes and dress them up the way they desire without boundaries. To quote myself “Women like myself” Because I was never interested in styling famous people. They get enough attention so I wanted to make a normal girl look like a star.

Short story on how this started but after I had left my 9-5 I found myself with time on my hands so I started using my Facebook as a place to express myself, be real with myself and who I am. And my life. So the style Inc was born from there because some people including friend thought I’d ma an okay blogger and I was like, whaaaaaat?

I meet people who tell me how much they enjoyed my posts. Apparently people love it when you speak your mind and in my case I’m a little “crazy” I didn’t know anybody was listening to the stuff I write about. So anyway here we are:  One thing I am passionate about is to INSPIRE (you’ll find this word on my insta profile). This word means so much to me. It’s more than just a word.

If you read my posts you’ll notice I talk a lot about it. I had the honor to be interviewed last year on cape talk on women’s day about what it means to be a woman in fashion. I have learnt that it is ok to be vulnerable and talk about my insecurities. People really enjoy real people stories and that’s what makes an INFLUENCER. Also In the past year I have grown and developed into more of an image consultant, part timing as a stylist and so the list of my services grew an inch every now and then, and it still is.

There’s no limit only levels.  I have seen more women coming to me with questions and enquiries on their style and wardrobe and it gives me so much pleasure to help. To be honest I almost don’t recognize the old Pumla from a year ago. The girl who was fed up by her “real job”, I was ready to make a change and terrified that it would be just another failure. I took a leap of faith not knowing what would come out of it.

Notice how I write REAL JOB? The reason is because some people still don’t get what I do. I explain what I do as being LIFESTYLE ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Yes I am my own boss. Yes it is as fun as it sounds, nothing wrong with agreeing that our jobs are fun, it doesn’t make it aby less of a job. But it is like any other job, stressful and tiring but all thise things make it fun.

So how did I become a lifestyle entrepreneur? I basically turned my interests and passion into a service that serves others and support a lifestyle of freedom and opportunity. I never knew about this term until my blog was up and running and I started getting brands asking me for collabos to crate online content for them. Imagine getting paid to post on Instagram and blog about the stuff that I love, BINGO!

That’s where the word INFLUENCER comes in. so you could say I found myself in the business from what started out as a hobby. It’s a fairly new term that is used to describe the generation of lifestyle entrepreneurs who are redefining what people traditionally think entrepreneurship means. Hence I mentioned my previous job as “real job” because some people still regard my profession as not REAL JOB. How can a job that allows me to work anywhere in the world, a job that gives me so much flexibility and freedom be not considered as a real job.

Did I mention all the great brands I get to work with? The people I get to meet? The opportunities are endless. There was an article in the Forbes magazine about lifestyle entrepreneurs who are most successful in the US and it gave me so much hope. Yes, I took this opportunity to do a little educational background into what makes the brand.

So speaking of endless opportunities, over the past year I have learned a lot from other lifestyle entrepreneurs, that has allowed me to sharpen my goals for my brand. I would not like to share my goals yet but we are growing, when the time is right to share what’s in the pipeline I will do so. Right now I thank you all for your support and love for always coming here to read my articles.

I get asked a lot about what does a day of a blogger/lifestyle entrepreneur look like. It’s not one thing, being a lifestyle entrepreneur means you’re selling a lifestyle that my brand is about. And you know the style Inc is about fashion and beauty so my days revolve around such. From location scouting to photoshoots to shopping to meeting potential clients and sponsors. So a lot of research and proposal writing is done in between. You got to stay abreast. You just got to honey.

And that’s not all. I am very much a media person so spending lot of time working on that goes into my days. So in honor of the one year anniversary I launched the style Inc YouTube channel, yyaaay!!! Baby girl celebrate all your achievements, no matter the size. The idea is to put up all my styling tutorials to make it easy for those who don’t like reading plus it’s easier on me too, I get to talk instead of writing so that’s a one up.

Don’t get me wrong I love writing about fashion but I also like demonstrating, feel me? So I have a quick video for all of you of how you can style your pencil skirt 3 ways, of course you can style it more than that. I chose the pencil skirt from my favourite “MS cheap” store MR PRICE because it is classic, and yall know I’m all for classic. It cost R60 only, believe that.

Pencil skirt is mostly associated with office. It can be anything we want from formal to chic to sophisticated. I didn’t just style the skirt, I incorporated the colour blocking trend a bit. Yall know and have seen the trend doing a 360 on us last year already. I remember colour blocking back in the day around 2011 up and as usual most people treated me like I was crazy for dressing up like that. I don’t know who came up with that rule that you couldn’t wear more than 3 colours at a time, and that everything should coordinate, dang I hated that rule. And my rule is THE ARE NO RULES IF YOU LIKE TO WEAR IT. If you find yourself in a situation where your peers make fun of you for having “a weird’ sense of style, don’t pay any attention to them, I have been called worse. But only you know what’s in your heart so let’s break the rules, shall we?

So my team and I made this video for you and Please bear with me as I find myself around this vlogging concept, I promise I will make great progress.  In the meantime please go watch this YouTube video by following the link on the blog.

Lastly I want to thank the team behind the style Inc. That would include the man behind the managing of this website and all other social media accounts (all 7+ of them). I text and call him at odd hours and run to him for everything because I suck at technicalities. He has also grown to be my consultant so I run every idea by him. And to my photographers, past and present: thanks for putting up with me. I am sorry for all the times I have been late. My team in Cape Town who are behind me and call me for opportunities. I’m sorry for all the times I have made you redo the work because I felt it wasn’t good enough. Thanks for always interpreting my vision.

I want to thank my friends who are the biggest supporters of the brand. I swear my friends are such fans of the style Inc. They always cheering me on from the sides. I love all of you guys. The people who I have met throughout the year who motivate me to always keep up the good work. It is so refreshing to have people who don’t really know me telling me they appreciate my work, so thank you everyone.

I appreciate you all.



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