New Year does have a thing to bring out the optimist in us, but does New Year really mean new things? Why is it that we all crave for new things in the New Year? And does it necessarily bring these new changes we talk about? What do I think of these positive vibes? I say Hell yea!!!

New Year is another chance to try again. Times can be hard and we need to look forward to a new start so this is it. So do not listen to the people telling us that New Year’s resolutions are useless, ok most of the time we don’t stick to them but making a new year’s resolution is like drawing up a plan for your life

Yes it won’t always go as planned but as long as you still trying, you are good, right? Short term goals keep us in check. I’m am such a sucker for optimism, so I want to encourage all yall to dream as big as you can, plan your lives and never stop trying.

So in summary 2016 has been a stepping stone, a lesson in whole. 2016 has shaped me. It has defined my craft. It’s the year I built my brand. So the New Year has to be bigger and better. I am glad we are where we are. Heloooo I started this blog in 2016.

A lot has happened and I’m just choosing to focus on a few. So I have had time to draw up my life plan for the New Year.

OK Firstly I want to drink less wine and do more hot yoga (wish me luck LOL) I’m am also challenging myself to try new things and go bigger than last year. For me this New Year is all about re visiting those dreams and ideas I have played with in my head and bring them to life.

Lastly, in this year I am teaching myself to ask people for help, last year I realized that you don’t know who what people know until you ask them, the friends that you hang out with every weekend have the most important educating info, only when you talk to people and ask. I am not just saying all these things to sound fake positive but I truly believe and feel positive about the new year, its ok if you don’t (I have been there) but we keep hustling. Compare where you were this time last year with now and tell me if you not doing great there.

What are your goals for the year? I am dying to know who else feels pumped.

So while we are on the topic of being bold and brave I decided to wear my favourite colors (black and white) to go with positive vibes *wink wink*. Because we all know that black is associated with power. White is associated with light and goodness so it was a perfect match.

Oh did I mention I shot this with a new photographer, my good friend from Atlanta so we might be famous, who knows LOL. He did a great work and all new things for 2018 are well.

PS: this great location has some amazing art work.


Location: @milkbarsa

Photographer: @d_gabrielle_photography


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