Personally, my skin texture goes through phases as the seasons change and right now I am experiencing dry skin. So I have been using the African extract Rooibos advantage daily repair facial oil. It has been amazing on my skin.

Firstly the African extract beauty products are manufactured at a sophisticated plant in Cape Town. They are extracted from a plant with a promise of “skin care inspired by nature”

So you can say I am a huge fan African extract products. When I started using it I want expecting to see results immediately. I have to mention that I suffer from uneven skin tone and dark spots.

This oil promises to:

  1. Reduces the appearance of dark spots
  2. Helps with uneven skin tone
  3. Protects skin from environmental damage
  4. Ideal for skin that needs renewal

It also has vitamin C and E. we all know the benefits of these 2 vitamins. Vitamin C helps to repair tissues and vitamin E helps the skin to look youthful. I use it before bed and I wake up with a hydrated and fresh face, I love it.

Most thing I love about this oil is that it makes me skin look and feel so soft. I look forward to getting home and treat myself to this luxurious oil.


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