Can I just say “where the hell was kimono all my life”? Kimonos are so versatile and I wanted to show you guys how you can style it in summer (I know it’s still a couple of months away but I cannot wait, ok) Weather has been a little tad hot lately I even forgot what season we are in. welcome to Johannesburg!!!

There is so many ways to wear a kimono, these are just my most favourite, also the colour and make kind of play a big role on which way to style it. Today was a cool day. I literally had to rush from a shoot to the DSTV delicious festival with the same outfit (I’m crying inside) but its ok, right?

So back to styling a kimono:

1. Jeans and a bodysuit make a summery look with this floral kimono

2. Denim shorts looking a little dressy pairing them with my oversized tee and mules for that laid back day

3. A maxi dress for a boho vibe. I love the loose factor I this outfit. Oh and the colours, heloooo!!!

Kimono : I am woman shops


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