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Inspiration of the month is none other than my dear friends’ @kaaydusty  and @zama_diyelela. These 2 give most of us such relationship goals, but mostly it’s their style that has me writing about them. I have asked to understand what inspires this pair, their favorite items and why, and why they always seem to be in sync LOL.

So they are both from Cape Town. They both love fashion and they say they do not follow trends but make their own unique style, I love these guys. I love their style and its uniqueness. I think they make fashion fun and exclusive. So I put them on the spotlight (because friends do that to each other) to share their style details with me, im so lucky

Who are you?

We are a dynamic couple

@kaaydusty is an internal auditor

@zama_diyelela is a footballer

Describe your style?

Our style is very diverse from Japanese, London to your south African street wear. We wear items that speak more to our body type like we will see something that looks great but definitely know that this is not going to look great on us and move on.

What/who inspires you?

We inspire each other, we hype each other, we always think we the shit but now the couple that we relate to even more in terms of style is Wiz khalifa and girlfriend Izabela. The always looking fresh.

What’s your favourite items and why?

Jeans, a white t shirt and sneaks because it’s so easy to put on and it will always remain classic.

What’s your favourite fashion quotes?

Fashion fades, only style remain the same. I wish a lot of people could understand this quote and try to live by it because it speaks the truth.

Do you ever dress each other up?

Yes we do and it’s so fun. We even shop together.

Photo cred: Modisa Kaale


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