I’m not a trendy person. Trends exhaust me because you have to keep up with all of them. Not to say I don’t wear trendy stuff that I find cute at the time or whatever but what I’m saying is that I like to keep up with my own style than to look trendy.

Discover your own style and wear what works for you. I like to buy timeless pieces, I swear all my clothes are old (Hides) and I like to mix them up with new stuff.

Remember: Anyone can afford style

You know the saying “if you haven’t worn it 6 months, throw it away” well I do not believe in that. I am one to recycle items, I like buying timeless items that evolve over time and I mix/match them with new stuff. I promise you all my stuff are old. I do not like spending a lot of money on clothes… well sometimes.

So ill share my tricks. I buy from everywhere, markets, vintage sale, your commercial shops, and I take the cheap items and mix them with old ones. For example, I bought an oversized t shirt for R100, you wear those as a dress, right. Took that and wore it with my knee high boots that I bought for R1500 and viola! One hot outfit.

You don’t need to be an expensive brand from head to toe if you do not afford it, you can always look fashionable with anything as long as you know how to put stuff together.

I love shops like: Mr. Price, H&M, The Fix etc, these shops know the trends and their market.

So before you throw stuff out just think about what you can mix it with.


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