We have all been waiting. Spring has sprung!!!

A beautiful morning in the heart of Johannesburg, sipping some Rooibos at one of my favorite coffee shop (I can’t have coffee – sad face). And I am so excited to see great, bold colours. One thing I am certain about is that we all going to be playing a lot with colours this season.

I have my faves out already, yaaay.

So I have recently discovered the best spot in Johannesburg CBD (still searching though). Well I have discovered that Johannesburg CBD has such cool, arty spots for the creative but a lot of people play it down way too much.

So I decided to check Braamfontein out and hang out at my favourite coffee shop, PS: that place has fairy lights in the early morning, yup i got up at 4am to capture the moment. It was a perfect morning to show off some skin in this long slit mustard skirt and a bralet. The nice thing about this skirt is that you can put the slit anyway you want it, side or front.

Everything yellow is my favorite, its perfect for my skin tone. The back of the top is simply gorgeous. You can dress this look down as well. Pair this bralet with jeans. Pair it with a ballerina skirt. Pair it up with some high waist pants or a power suit. It is such a versatile top.

You can shop this bralet at: www.iam.co.za

Bralet: @iamwomanshops
Skirt: Topshop
Photography: @Pisce_experience
Location: The immigrant


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