What do you do on your day off? Do you even give yourself a day off?

Well I do.

We are all busy. We are all about getting stuff done, right? But does that mean let’s ignore the things that make us happy? Well, I really enjoy treating myself after a long week/month. For me those days are normally on Sundays.

I call up my best friend and we listen to music at home with some wine (yes) or pamper myself (put on a face mask, curl my hair, sort my wardrobe, read a book, arrange flowers or just catch up on NEW GIRL)

I’m really all about recharging, we deserve it. Don’t listen to the people who say “sleep is for the dead” it’s a trap!!! I hear this a lot. Don’t be fooled, everybody needs sleep because there’s nothing attractive about fatigue and dehydration.

So go ahead, get your beauty sleep on, and get your day off because you deserve it. Cook for your family, catchup on that book, on a series, enjoy yourself. Don’t forget to buy yourself some roses. I love my wine on a Sunday, I love my roses, I love reading.

How are you going to reflect if you don’t take time out and sit down? Take that day off, go on that run, lazy around, and do absolutely nothing its ok.

What is your best day to just get that chill on?


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