OMG its two of my fashion loves: Denim x Pleather (aka faux leather)

So I was unpacking my wardrobe and found items that I haven’t worn in the longest time, well mostly because i normally leave leather items for the cold days. But then I thought ‘why limit myself’. Don’t you ever limit yourself? Because your life is there for you to live it and fashion is there to be explored.

So I thought what’s the worst that could happen if I mixed the two together and create some real fun outfits. Denim and leather aren’t only fashionable but they such classic pieces and everyone who knows me understands my love form classic and retro pieces, I like items that are timeless.

The truth: I had initially planned to do a denim on denim theme but I got bored by the thought on its own.

Thanks to my ex-boyfriend for this denim shirt, its classic (don’t judge me, I love collectingJ) And speaking of collecting, I got these pants from my friend’s wardrobe. Killer combo, right?

So the second outfit was a ballet inspired look. I have a thing for ballerina skirts, so when this skirt came in a form of pleather I thanked my Gods. And for a change it is not black so I decided to pair it with red sandal heels for some colour. My oversized denim jacket brought a calm to this outfit. You want to look sexy, cool and street at at the damn same time and this denim jacket brought about justice to the whole outcome.

Third outfit is inspired by the 90’s fashion. Think Aaliyah, think TLC, think EVE, think Foxy Brown. Yuuup those were the times where being a tom boy was a super great thing. And I love the tom boy look with a touch of feminisms.

So this whole denim and pleather theme is inspired by the 90’s fashion trends. This is one of those classic items I always talk about.

Its 2017 and I still draw inspiration from decades ago.


Dungaree: Cotton On

Pleather pants and skirt: markets

Shoes: top shop and Cotton On


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