Which day of the week would you choose to wear pink? We say “on Wednesdays we wear pink” but I would like to take the challenge to wear pink all day. From my morning meeting – to my mid-day catch up session – to the night out for martinis at my favourite bar, in my case a bottle of wine.

Let’s explore our pinkness ladies!!!

Lately I found myself collecting a lot of the colour pink. Yellow used to be my colour but I guess colour has to do with a lot of evolving and growth. So I had to dig within myself about what this change means. Remember how pink used to be associated with gender. Boys wore blue and girls wore pink. And it was associated with feminity. People made fun of girls who act like girls and would call it “girly” … it doesn’t make sense right? It’s so weird how we girls bought into that ad we thought that it was a compliment when guys say “you are such a man” I mean what’s wrong with being a girly girl that wants a manly man? Why must I be a girl and act like a man (probably the reason I never enjoyed that book) But I can say that this colour has had somewhat of a revolution. Pink stands for awareness. Look at the breast cancer awareness colour scheme in South Africa. So while some may associate pink with teenage girl’s wardrobe, adding a splash of pink in your wardrobe will signify power and progressiveness. Although psychology studies suggests that if you associate a certain attribute to a specific colour, wearing that colour will cause you to embody said attributes. So it’s also a mind over matter thing. As much as the choice of colour tells a lot about your personality, it’s a multi layered concept.

So back to my recent obsession: yall might know that I’m all for women empowerment, my whole purpose of doing what I do is to inspire women and young girls (I feel like I say this a lot) Anyway when I did an introspection I realized that pink for me means femininity, progress, power. I feel more in power than I have ever felt before. I am more in control than I have ever been before. So there is a sense of acceptance with who I am and who I am becoming, A sense of being content to have a voice and stand firm to my beliefs. I really do not worry about whether people are going to take me seriously wearing pink because I mean who still thinks like that?

These items are all new in my wardrobe so I would to show you how I put them together, 3 times a day because a busy woman doesn’t go through the day in one outfit, you can quote me on that. Today I have a coffee meeting. A lunch with a friend and a night out of course. It’s a full day and a fun one wardroblically speaking. That is a word!!!!!!

Morning Meeting

Mid-day Catch Up Session

A Night At The Wine Bar:

Outfit details

Pink clutch bag: Okapi
Shirt dress: I am woman shops
Heels: Miss Black @ zando
Jeans: H&M
Denim skirt: Mr. Price
Fur Coat: I am woman shops
Faux fur leather gloves: Woolworth’s


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