A very special day to me but mostly to my beautiful parents. I always say that Birthdays and new years are times to reflect (I have gone way past the stage of throwing parties on my birthday). Today I turn eerrmmm *coughs* what does it matter? I am as old as I feel. Ok so now that we got that out of the way, I wanted to write down a heartfelt message, let you in into my deep thoughts for a second.  This is just a piece of all the things I think about when I lay in bed at night and become one with my thoughts and yes I write down my thoughts (yes on paper, my best ideas are brewed there) I never used to get excited for my birthdays. 2018 is different. I am more excited than I should be, getting old excites me I guess, LOL. So I just wanted to use this time to reflect and just find that inner peace. And enjoy some expensive champagne (did you think I would forget?) And here’s a thing about today, I am so grateful for a lot of things. I am not where I want to be but I am definitely not where I was this time last year so I just want to take this moment to reflect.

Honestly if someone had told me that I’d be self-employed today it would not surprise me much, I have always believed in freedom. I hate the feeling of being stuck at one place. But if they had told me I’d start as a full time blogger? I would have shut the door on their face. I was a 9 – 5 girl all the way and only dreamt of running my own show but never thought it would be now. It goes to show that change is something we need to embrace. Had I not taken the plunge I would never have the freedom to do the things I get to do. I would not be sitting in Cape Town writing this article. The freedom has allowed me to meet so many people in the fashion and lifestyle community, to do collabos with other brilliant entrepreneurs and brands.

So here’s a question: WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Common question, right?

We talk and ask ourselves this question a lot and for me it’s just one word: POSSIBILITIES. I sit here sometimes thinking and stressing about my problems and my mind will randomly switch to dreamland (I dream a lot, I mean a whole lot) and the possibilities get me so excited. People will make fun of you for dreaming big and for wanting big things for yourself like that is a bad thing.

No one ever died from dreaming big. Life is full of possibilities and when I think about it I get super amped up, I get motivated to do my best and never stop working on my dreams. I write every idea and plan down and when I feel lost and it will happen, they find their way to pop up as a reminder of where I am going. I have a laptop full of business plans, ideas etc. and that is something I work on every day. And I will never stop. As you grow you edit your life plans along the

Giving up is never an option when there’s so much possibilities. We keep going and going and going until we can’t go anymore. Imagine living a life with no purpose? That would be a tragedy. Find your purpose or at least try to find your purpose, because as long as you still trying you haven’t failed. And I am not saying this from the other side or saying it because I have found mine, I am sitting on the same bench as you. I am still finding my purpose. I am on a journey and I have been through enough so far to know that there’s so much that life can offer if we just try and never give up. So here’s my message to you: never be scared and allow yourself to grow. As a certain cartoon character once said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” But there’s snakes and lions so run when you see those.

Oh by the way the theme for this shoot was my most humble photographer’s idea. Because I am always late for our shoots and work meetings. And I’d tell him I’m still busy with my make-up so he said he should shoot me while I apply my makeup and the rest is history. I still think he just wanted to spy and understand why it takes so long, like he’ll ever understand *chuckles*



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