We all know our skin types are different. Some more sensitive than the others, some are dry, some are oily etc. So I thought I can write this article since I had bad skin growing up (totally not the case now)

I have sensitive and almost normal to dry skin. Over the years of getting to understand myself my skin has gotten a little more satisfying or can I say I have a flawless skin now? Ok maybe not quite.

But seriously even my mother has never been happier and relieved to know I no longer have bad skin. Man, I had chicken pox, I had pimples that left dark spots on the side of my face.

When I was 13 years old I had scars on my face from a fence incident (I was a naughty and over active child) that had me overdose on the Bio oil because who needs scar face? So my face in particular went through the worst. But when I reached 18/19 and became independent I got to understand myself and figured out most of the things myself. I think being curious helped me a lot.

My first try was a Clinique product, I started with make up because I read about their makeup, that it’s not just that, it actually corrects dark spots and also because it doesn’t leave residuals on your clothes. It was neat and simple so I started using it in 2008. Their consultants help you with evaluation before buying the products so they can understand your skin type.

But we know that after using one product for a while your needs change and you start to wander around for something new. At this point the Clinique products have done a lot of improvement for my skin. I was no longer feeling insecure plus a lot of makeup helped *wink wink*and I was at a point where I was getting free stuff from them (that’s how much of a regular customer I was) Sometimes when I got rash from sun burn id apply their foundation before bed and it helped to clear my skin. I moved to trying new products. It’s ok to explore as long you stick to products that go with your skin type. There’s a wild range of products out there, just find your niche.

So now I have upgraded to estee lauder because I have found that their products lighter and less harsh or that my needs have shifted as they always do, that happens too. I use Olay anti-ageing products sometimes, depending on the season as our skin transitions a lot with weather changes and seasons.

Ok so here’s a thing I learnt for sensitive dry skin:

  • Do not exfoliate more than 2 times a week, once a week is fine
  • Always use a rich moisturizer when you go to bed to keep skin hydrated overnight, especially if you wear a lot of makeup, like me.
  • Do not, I repeat, do not use a primer

The process of washing your face, tone it, moisturize every night goes for dry skin also.

So moral of the story:

  • understand your skin type
  • educate yourself about the products you choose
  • stick to what works for you
  • don’t be afraid to explore new products
  • you don’t actually need to shell out a hundred bucks to reap the benefits, as long as you buy the products that work

P: let me know what other tips you’d like to get from this blog on the comments below.


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