Cape Town, You Beauty!!

So I took some time out from the Johannesburg jungle and decided to visit the Cape form some inspiration.

I missed the food, the people, and of course the fashion. I missed the colorful streets. You know the famous long street, the cozy Kloof street and the arty Woodstock. I haven’t even mentioned the wine farms.

I stayed in Muzeinberg by the beach, even though it was cold most days I managed to get some pics of the beautiful Kalk bay. I took a stroll one sunny Sunday just before I came back.

Muzeinberg is situated at the shore of the Cape peninsula and False Bay coast. The birth place of surfing, so the culture is quite adventurous.

Kalk bay which is about 3KM from Muzeinberg is where all the fun is at. I mean I spent all day there just admiring the place. It lies between the ocean and sharply rising mountainous heights that are buttressed by Table mountain sandstone, a very breath taking beaut.

I went from the coffee shop to the art gallery, The Cape to Cuba Island, to the beach before hitting the old biscuit mill for some food and cocktails. So if you are looking for the best wine farm to dine, I’d recommend the Spier wine farm in Stellenbosch.

Long Street’s Mesopotamia really did it for me. It is a Meze and grill menu in colorfully decorated Kurdish restaurant with folk music and belly dancing.

Kalk bay gallery had all the contemporary arts that I have enjoyed in a long time.

Kloof Street has always been my choice of shopping, lots and lots of clothes. Bantry bay’s President Hotel had thee most amazing views.

I could go on and on or I could show it in pictures.


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