I did tell you guys I was on a workation, right? Yup that is a word.

So why would I leave Cape Town without going to picnic at the beach? And what’s a picnic without some bubbles? A bikini shoot is mostly about having fun but it hit me during the shoot that rocking a bikini isn’t as easy as I thought. It awakens your body conscious issues, you kind of feel like you not good enough to be posing almost naked. And trust me, with all the magazines we read telling us to be confident, it is not good enough to follow an instruction until you decide yourself. That you want to stop worrying and stop trying to look perfect.

I won’t lie I did think of Kendall Jenner every now and then, you guys understand why, right? Her hot bikini bod of course!!! With that realization came another one that the trick is to accept that I am not perfect and there’s always going to be something negative I see in the pictures so it’s safe to say that this bikini day was not  about how I looked but how I felt being at one of the most beautiful beaches. It’s a mind over matter!!!

I was even speaking on the phone with my friend and we both swore we won’t do a bikini shoot again, the anxiety is crazy because you want to look perfect but you know what? I will do it again and again until I am ok with not looking perfect. I had to convince her this also, sshhh

So I got over my silly insecurities and realized the beauty around me, so yall play nice now, ok?

Mr. Price did it again with my bikini guys, I literally rocked a whole 2 piece (that was on sale). So I bought 2 different bikini sets and mix matched the 2 because I only like one piece per set. Oh I also need to be honest that the bikini top was originally a halter neck so being the way that I am, I cut that halter neck part off to make a boob cube. These literally cost me R150 I swear (call me the budget girl) And I decided to throw in a black kimono.

This was gifted to me by I AM WOMAN, so I unfortunately I don’t know how much it costs. But they made a hella combination. By my side was my partner in crime. I did a very good job convincing her to pose for my blog hehehehe. What are friends for?

Cape Town is truly amazing and I am not exaggerating. Llandudno beach is located between Camps bay and Hout bay. The mountains and the beach, amazing stuff. I did feel a little like I was on vacation. So it’s safe to say that I want to stay in Cape Town again, no lie. Who do you know that needs a small vacay? I mean it’s not Mauritius but it’s a get in, get out vacay so thank Goodness for places like Cape Town. Imagine if you could only vacay outside of the country, the costs and time it takes to save up and plan.

This is definitely my get away place. I needed to just come and relax and forget about Joburg traffic and weather. Although the Cape Town water crisis is a lot more serious than I thought, it’s still my favourite place to be in South Africa. All I have to do is save and be cautious about how I use water. 1 minute showers aren’t that bad either hahahaha.

Next to me was @kaaydusty, she is one of my best friends, the one person I call if I’m not sure of an outfit or a certain shoe, it happens to all of us. She’s that one friend apart from listening to my stories and laughing at my jokes, she’s super cool clearly because I kept her around for 12 years.

Side note: I am such a goofy person you guys, every photographer I have worked with has taken some really foolish photos of me because I was acting goofy in between shoots. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person in the room who thinks that work should be fun, luckily most people I work with end up warming up to my goofiness. I sometimes worry that one day someone would use pics of me twerking to blackmail me hahhahaha can’t wait…


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