Bold colours for president!

No more black, no more brown, no more dull colours. Okay black is easily one of my favorite colours but I think I will put it aside for now.

Yes darling! This jacket is everything. You have to agree it adds glamour in any outfit.

So as I was taking some time out to visit the cape, I took some shots of those beautiful streets and we painted the town red.

Did I mention that I used to live in Cape Town? I couldn’t believe that I left all that beauty, but I’m not complaining because we all got to evolve.

Although the weather wasn’t as great I managed to show off the combination of OTK boots with bum shots to highlight the end of winter and getting into summer.

You can also pair this jacket with a dress for a simple and elegant look. You can also dress it down with a pair of sneakers, a simple t-shirt and jeans for a casual look.

It’s really easy to dress. You can play it anyhow you see fit.

I get asked a lot about where to find this jacket and I have included details below.


Jacket :
Bag: @Newexpression


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