Are you ready for warmer temps and sunshine?

Finally, we can officially put away our cold weather clothes. Ok now that we are all ready, let’s talk a bit about what my spring trends are this year. My wardrobe is overflowing with satin fabric, colours, a whole lot of colours and my most favourite – florals. Yes I am obsessed with florals this spring and I hope by the time you done reading this you’ll understand why. So I took it to one of my favourite shops in Johannesburg and picked out my faves and we hit the waterfalls for the views while I changed 5 times between shots.

I get so happy around this time of the year, I mean by the end of winter we all exhausted by the weather and springs comes and just bring A bit of fresh air. A chance to revamp our wardrobes. Spring is like New Year, we get to start afresh and maybe revisit some of those New Year’s resolutions we didn’t keep (like myself LOL) So as I was having coffee one morning and thinking about these trends, on my way home I decided to grab the ELLE September issue with Ariana Grande serving some real heat on the cover. Ok what grabbed my attention was the pink background that blended so well with her floral dress and a bronzed face and I was like this is so pretty, This is what spring is all about. Ok so long story short I was inspired by the whole vibe. So I picked the outfits as my faves currently. You can shop all these looks below:

Vintage meets vintage, the pink classic dress welcomes you to the 60’s. It’s pretty, long and light. My kind of beautiful. Trust me baby girl when you put this is on you’ll feel like you about to put on a show. I paired it with my black blocked sandals, the black shoes make the dress pop.

The pink satin screams CLASSY. Simple with a touch of sophistication. Plain with a touch of sexy. Pink on pink on this one is a win. I was careful enough not to spill my champagne on it, can you imagine the disaster?

Satin jumpsuit. I love the colour and it went so well with my blue hat and black shoes. It’s short enough to keep it interesting. If you have long legs like me you’ll love this.

The dress you put on when you going to pick apples. You literally just throw it on, no need for your spanks ladies. Super easy dress, comfortable to move around. Flats and flip flops are a great mix for this outfit but because I am me I wore heels, come on you know me.

This is what I call a typical spring trend, if there’s such a thing. Colorful and playful. If you don’t feel like a pretty girl that you are in this number then there’s no hope for you my friend.


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