About Pumla-B

I am Pumla B!

I am a Lifestyle entrepreneur:

  • A fashion and beauty consultant
  • A stylist
  • A blogger
  • A brand influencer

And welcome to my style inc!

I started this blog because of my love for fashion and beauty as you would have guessed, but that’s not just it. I wanted to create a world for some of the things that define me and reach out to those women who want to know how to create style, the fashionistas who share the same love as me.

My journey is quite long but ill summarise by saying that I wasn’t always a blogger/entrepreneur.

I once had an 9-5 job but luckily for me I have always known where my passion lies, it just took a while to sum up the courage to decide to follow my path. I was an accountant with a Finance Diploma. I was that girl in the office who always dressed to kill, as people would tease me. I never felt that I belonged in the office, my heart wasn’t there. So i eventually quit my job and started building my brand. I did a lot of research and started out on the ‘brand influencer’ journey by creating online content for various brands which led me into making the decision to launch this blog.

I call myself a lifestyle entrepreneur because all the things I specialise in are my lifestyle (fashion, beauty, and health). When I was 13 I told my dad I was going to build a career around my life and that’s what I’m doing. My dad played a huge role into molding me into this brave and determined woman I am today, he taught me all about entrepreneurship and following my heart.  I won’t lie, it’s the life experiences that got me to look at life with no fear and go for it.

So this blog isn’t just about how to look good but also to develop ourselves, see our potential, because image is indeed power.

One of my Future goals:

Is to run a Fashion consulting EMPIRE coaching women about their image and self-development. That will involve personal styling, image consulting etc. A firm that provides training to younger women aspiring to be lifestyle entrepreneurs.

So this is a start because we have to start somewhere. We start where we are. We start with what we have. We do what we can – Arthur Ashe.